The Most Common Question I Get Asked About Sn95 Seat Frames - Answered.


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Apr 19, 2011
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One of the most common questions I get regarding SN95 Mustang Seat upholstery is:

“Will the new edge Cobra/Bullitt/Mach1 foam and upholstery fit on my SN95 frames?”

The answer sadly, is no. I’ll explain why and also give you some good news if you’re looking to upgrade your SN95 to any of those Special Optioned seats.

Why won’t those upgrades work on the SN95 seats?

From 1994-1998 Ford did something they’ve never done before – they glued the upholstery directly to the seat foam. They also must have deemed this not to be the ‘best idea’ because in 1999 they went back to having the foam and the upholstery being completely separate from each other. The SN95 ’94-98 seats therefore are outfitted with a different frame and attachment method than what you’ll find on the 2001 Cobra, 2001 Bullitt, 2003-04 Cobra, and the 2003-04 Mach 1 seat foams and upholstery.

The good news?

Any Mustang seat frame from 1999-2004 – be it a GT or a standard cloth V6 seat can be upgraded to any of the afore mentioned Special Production seats. I repeat – EVERY FRAME FROM 99-04 IS THE SAME. So, call your local salvage yard and ask them for the most beat up, split open, burnt, stained, annihilated cloth seat set from a 99-04 Mustang that they have. Usually you can get a badly damaged set for $50 - $100 for the full set (font buckets and back seat). Just be sure to check that the frames are in good shape and not bent, but you’re not going to care at all about the foam or upholstery since you’ll be completely replacing those (from my experience it’s better NOT to tell the salvage yard your plans to upgrade – instead just keep pointing out how terrible the seats are and maybe they’ll knock down the price a bit J ). From there, you can purchase foam and upholstery from any of our TMI authorized dealers and easily build a Mach, Bullitt or Cobra.

G’luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Side note: I have had people tell me they have made 03-04 Cobra Foams fit on SN95 frames – but it did take some ‘custom’ fitting and altering. For my money, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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Also - side note number 2:

We will be releasing a BRAND NEW seat for the 94-04 Mustangs at SEMA - I can't say much more than that. But I can say - I've been doing upholstery for Mustangs for almost a decade now - and this seat is THEE coolest thing I've seen. period. I can't wait to show it to you guys.