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Jul 30, 2001
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My goal is to keep a list of wheels that mustang owners most use and like, and a record of thier weights for referance.

So if you know the weight of your wheel, please list the type of wheel, brand, size and weight.

Listed in alphabetical order(by type or manufacture), in ascending sizes

17x9" AFS CobraR 95 chrome - 24lbs
17x10.5" AFS CobraR 95 chrome - 26lbs
17x9" AFS 03 Cobras chrome - 29lbs
17X10" AFS 03 Cobras chrome - 27lbs
17x9" BBS Spider - 21lbs
18x8.5" BBS Spider
18x10" BBS Spider
15x3.5" Bogart drag-on fly star - 9lbs
17x8" Bullitt satin - 28lbs
17x8" Bullitt chrome
17x9" Bullitt satin
17x9" Bullitt chrome
18x9" Bullitt satin
18x9" Bullitt chrome - 29lbs
17x8" CobraR 95 satin
17x8" CobraR 95 chrome
17x9" CobraR 95 satin
17x9" CobraR 95 chrome
17x8" Cobra 96 chrome
17x8" Cobra 98 satin
17x8" Cobra 99 satin - 22lbs
17x8" Cobra 99 polished
17x9.5" CobraR 00 satin
17x9.5" CobraR 00 chrome
18x9.5" CobraR 00 chrome - 29lbs
18x9.5" CobraR 00 powerder coated - 27lbs
17x9" Cobra 03 satin - 25.5lbs
17x9" Cobra 03 chrome
18x9" FR500 satin - 26lbs
18x9" FR500 chrome
17x8" GT 99 satin - 17lbs
17x8" GT 99 chrome
17x8" GT 35thaniv.
17x8" MachI 03 satin - 25lbs
18x9" Mille miglia MM11-2's - 25lbs
18x8.5" Saleen chrome
18x9" Saleen chrome
18x10" Saleen chrome
18x8" SSR Integral - 19.5lbs
18x9" SSR Integral - 20lbs
17x9" Steeda ultralights satin - 21.5lbs
17x9" Steeda ultralights chrome - 24lbs
18x9" Steeda ultralights satin - 22lbs
18x9" Steeda ultralights chrome - 24.5lbs
15x3.5" Weld draglites - 7lbs
15x10" Weld draglites - 14lbs
15x3.5" Weld pro-stars - 8lbs
15x8" Weld pro-stars - 12lbs

*all wheels are ford/oem unless specified

If anyone knows the weight of these or other wheels please post them and I'll add them/edit the thread.

Also plz give weights of wheels, not wheels and tires.
If there is a a size I'm missing please let me know
Some of these I have gotten from other threads so if there wrong tell me.
I will update this as often as I can.
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Originally posted by griffined
REAL Ford OEM Cobra R wheels in 2000 were 18 x 9.5"

Mine all have tires on them, or I would weigh one for you.

Cool thanks!
I know some of my info (sizes and such) are wrong
for example ford doesn't make an 18"bullitt wheel?
but until I can find out the manufacture names and such they will be classified by make.