The price of a 70Stang...


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May 20, 2003
What do you think this car is worth?

1970 Mustang 302.
Rebuilt motor with NEW Holley 600CFM carb and Weiand Stealthram Intake.
C4 Tranny. TorqThrust IIs in great shape. GREAT all original interior. Brand new drums all the way around with all new master cylinder, brake lines and boosters. STRAIGHT body...very little surface rust. Good paint, needs clear coat...

Car is straight and runs GREAT...Air/Fuel is right on and car engine is in top shape. Car was a reliable daily driver for the past year and a half...always got the oil changes and all the needed upkeep/repairs...


Thanks for your price estimates!!
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69 302/351c said:
If the car is as good as it sounds, plus no rust in the floor pans etc. or bondo in the body, I'd go in the $4000-5000 range.

I've gotta agree 100%. With clearcoat/dent removal (minor as they would be)/COMPLETE rust removal and all maintenance work recorded you could try to push for $6000 as a top quality restored turn key driver.

Beautiful car man. :nice:
I'd really need more details like mileage on the motor, interior details, floor and subframe details, etc. Assuming its got no rust, no accident damage, 10-12k miles on the motor, nice interior, then I think $4k-$5k might be about right.
4-5k is a good price. I picked up my 70 Grande which needed some slight work for 4500 and I'm happy. It's really up to you, you're never gonna get back what you put into it. Mine had been repainted, and the job wasn't too good, but it came with a new interior. Motor ran fine, and it started right up. Some slight rust bubbles on the back of the passenger door and wheel well, but nothing major.

All in all, 4-5k is fine, if everything is immaculate 6k isn't bad either.
I have a 70 Mach 1 up for sale right now, 351C FMX, new 4 bbl edelbrock, fresh rebuild on engine, New exhaust, 4 new firestone firehawks, new radiator, new trunk lid, new rear wing, $4500 500 want-to-be-Mustangers, No buyers yet.