The SVT Registry - Its back On Line!

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Hi Russ , just visited your site . Sounds like a great idea ! Was wondering how big in popularity it was when you shut it down and whatever history about it , would be nice .

I noticed that the cars in the '96 section I checked were not in order of serial # . My suggestion to improve your new site would be to put them in numerical order (production series #) so that when you get a lot of cars on a page , well it would be a lot easier to find your own car and the next one to it who was produced before and after it ! That would be cool and should be easy on your part since all their TITLES on your site start with the # number first . View attachment 510293

Congrats , I'll be posting soon on it

it was popular... I didn't shut it down, I gave it to the owners of they never updated it so eventually it was shut down.

You need to take a better look at the site to see the order of the cars.

If you just looked on the main 1996 Cobra page you see the order in which they joined... which means all the Coupes, Convertibles and Mystic's are mixed together.

If you look just on the 1996 Coupes page you'll see all the coupes listed in their build # order.

If you look just on the 1996 Convertibles page you'll see all the convertible listed in their build # order.

If you look just on the 1996 Mystic Cobras page you'll see all the Mystics listed in their own build # order which is different from the rest of the Cobras for that model year.

Again, take a better.... longer.... look at the site and you'll see this time I made it fool proof!

--Russ ;)