The x-pipe


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Jun 10, 2007
So I am thinking of buying the FFRP X-pipe for my 07 gt and I really have no clue if this mod requires a tune?

Second, can anyone break down what all the different gear ratios will do.
I was thinking of picking up some 4.10's but don't really know what they will do..
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First..what kind of mufflers are you running?That will depend on if you should go with an x or h pipe..If you have a handheld tuner already, you can wipe any codes that come up..I just put an O/R xpipe on mine, and am getting another custom tune for it to make sure everything plays together nicely, but not everyone does this..

Second..WHat are your mods currently? Is this mainly a street driven car? auto or stick, blown or not? your gear choice will depend on what you have now for mods..
The FRPP cut and clamp X pipe will not need a tune. 4.10s are really good for these cars... I only get about 22 MPG highway now, though. So weigh you options. I wanted the best gear and I don't care too much about MPG... so I went with 4.10s. If you're more concerned, then go with 3.73s.
X-pipe or H-Pipe.. Along with mufflers. Do alot of research on what you want your car to sound like. Personally, i like a raspier v8 that his bite. not bark.

so a flowmaster muffler with x-pipe would do it for ya.. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION to find a forum regaurding this issue. it will have 150 different combinations of mufflers and pipes. Decide from there. (Ignore what ppl say, its your f'in car. You choose how it should sound)

If you choose an offroad H/X pipe (ie - no cats) then you will need a Tune, or MIL 02' sensor deletes. otherwise your car will detect the missing cats, and run like ****.

4.10 gears will allow you vehicle to accelerate much faster. But Expect your milage to DECREASE on highway as your RPM's will be much higher.

if you've ever played a race-game. when you want more accel, you increase your final drive ratio (which is what adding 4.10's to do) great when want a good time on a strip, or a technical road course. but impracticle if your a highway driver (Unless your prepared to pay for the increased fuel)
Lastly, Have a good mechanic install your gears. If their not done right, they can whine.. Which can be annoying going down the highway.
Other then that, enjoy.
I have the FRPP X-pipe and it does NOT require a tune but it is a pain to put in. I'm still trying to put a how to on my website but I'm too lazy. LOL

I agree! It isn't as easy as the instructions that come with it indicate. You need to loosen the cats at the header to make this work. Just loosen them, don't completely remove them. Then you have to do some wiggling and coercing with a mallet to get it to fit right. I love the sound I have with my Magnaflow cat back system.
Gears can make or break the way a car excellerates, a 4:10 will get you into the power band much quicker. Gears are one of the best bangs for the buck you can do. I went with 4:30's and it felt like 30 hp increase. 4:10's could use less fuel in short hops light to light driving because of less labor on the motor, but at highway speeds it will operate at a higher rmp which in turn uses more fuel. I haven't noticed a big difference, but I live in the country and the stang mostly see's country roads. With the 4:30's it blast down the back roads now and easier to shread the tires if I'm not carefull. Gears won't make more hp, but they will make better use of the hp you have.
"better use of the hp you have."

Highly debatable Depending on your plans. If you want top-end. short gears=bad.
if you want great 1/8th mile.. short gears = good.
daily long distance driver.. = bad
sunday smoker = good.

i could keep going with this all day, but who wants to read it!
Thanks for all the info one the x-pipe and gears.
2 quetsions, with 4.10's what will the rpms be when cruising at 80mph while my trans is in overdrive. What would the power band be like with 4.10's
I have an auto w/ 4:10's and love them..Your top end speed will increase, not decrease..With stock gears, drag comes into play,unless you have alot of hp.
At 70 mph, 4:10 gears, 275/40 18's, im at 2,500 rpm's..Get the 4:10's unless your thinkin about a twin screw type blower..