Think I ****ed up my stang tonight :(

I was with a few friends earlier and I decided that we were going to go do a burnout since it was 1 in the morning and no one would be up by the industrial buildings.

Basically started cranking it up, and just absolutely peeled rubber for at least 50 feet. Anyway, after I finished and was pulling away among clouds of smoke, something started "flapping" under the car, much like you'd hear if you had a flat tire and you were driving on it.

My original thought was that because my tires run on the inner front bumper corner, during the burnout the car had gone sideways to the point that the bumper was rubbing on the tire, and I thought maybe that had punctured it because it's pretty sharp.

I drove it home, listening to the sickening sound the whole way there as I limped it into the garage. I've let it sit for a few hours and none of the tires look like the've lost pressure at all, which makes me think it was suspension-related and not tires?

The only thing I noticed about the tires was that only the back left tire peeled. The right one didn't. So on the backs, the left has rubber mashed into it, and the right one looks fine.

Anyone have any guess as to what may have happened? Think something's rubbing against one of the tires? I had this sickening thought that maybe one of my shocks broke - I hope I'm wrong. :(
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Please verify RIGHT vs. LEFT rear wheels - RIGHT is the PASSENGER side and LEFT is the driver side by industry standard but people sometimes get it backwards. I would be curious to find that the LEFT tire spun but not the RIGHT - the right wheel will "peg leg" if your traction lock is worn but not the left - you are saying the left wheel did all the spinning - that would indicate a differential concern for me and it may cause a strange sound inside the rear end to transfer into the body of the car. You may wish to secure the car on jack stands on a solid level surface, put it in neutral and block the front wheels front and back of them to make sure the car does not fall. Then you can spin the wheels to see if a noise is presnent - you may find a bad U-joint (front or rear), internal differential damage, bad motor or transmission mount, etc... You may also need to spin the drive shaft to make the wheels spin to find the noise. Also push and pull on the wheels to see if they move in and out to check for possible axle conditions like bearings, differential problems, retainer problems, etc... I am afraid you may need to pull the rear differential cover and drain out that nasty smelling gear oil and look around with a flashlight to see what is up - If nothing is bad it would be a good time to upgrade to some 75w/90 full synthetic gear lube so all that work would not be wasted - you will do a necessary service and upgrade at the same time you are doing your check. Keep us posted --- oh - also check all your lug nuts for tighness and your brakes.....
Jack it up and look over stuff. You may have a piece of tread that has not totally separated yet.

Look at the tires, wheels, driveshaft and stuff near them.

Rotate the axle by hand, etc, while you are under there and listen.

Not a big deal, you break stuff now and then, and just fix it and go again.
with all the burnout vids and donut vids and stuff on streetfire and the various other hosting websites, and not to mention in people's signatures, and you're bagging on this guy cuz he did it? he was messing around a bit, broke something, oh well. **** happens. at least he didn't get a ticket for reckless driving or something.

good luck finding your problem bud, but it definitely isn't your urge to have fun with a nice car