Thinking of rebuilding my engine


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Oct 16, 2006
My engine has over 230,000 on her she is still going strong. Im building a new engine next year and will not use this engine any more. Rear Main seal leaks and now it looks like the front seal is leaking. Oilpan gasket is shot, water pump started leaking. Bottom line Im thinking its on its last leg. About how much does it cost to with me doing all the work (except for boring the block) to rebuild a 5.0? New crank, cam bearing just a basic overhaul cost?
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I'm doing the same thig right now.

block stripped, hot tanked, Magna flux, New plugs, cam bearings and honed was $160

Rebuild kit from summit (with out pistons) (with felpro 1250) $240

Typhoon intake gasket kit from calmustangs $28

Plugs, oil, oil filter, thermostat $70??