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A&B 06GT

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Jul 11, 2006
Well my car was built for SEMA 06 and now that is complete. I am now thinking of selling the car a little early before i do any magazine shoots. The car makes 450rwhp and 400rwtq it only went to the track when i first had it and has not seen it since. It has a little over 11k mikes and is able to drive everyday. Here is a run down of the car and a pic.





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sorry to disapoint you all but i do like my car alot but ive always been a honda guy. The reason why i got my 06 is because when the 05 came out i really liked the styling of it and it reminded me of my brothers 69 grande' that he had and it had a 351C in it and it was fun. So i finally sold me crx to get the stang and its alot of fun and all but i dont get the same feeling as the crx gave me when i drove it. If i dont sell the car ill keep driving it and have fun with it.
The only Honda that should be bought after selling a Mustang should be this.

Only Honda I can think of being worthy enough of me for to go Stangless for...BUT NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!:D