Third gear ?


New Member
Apr 21, 2003
Welp, since I first got my car its had trouble going into third. Majority of the time I'd put it in third, release the clutch and it would pop out. Rarely would it grind. Anyways, me and my friend looking at the shifter today, which is a tri ax and notice the stopping bolt or whatever its called for third gear was too far back and it was blocking third sometimes, so we screwed it in further and I went out and drove it around and it seems to work really well, a lot better than before. I'm just curious, sometimes when I'm kind of sloppy and don't put much effort into third, it still pops out. Should I be concerned? I had plans to drop the tranny and possibly have the synchro's in third replaces, something I didnt really want to do because of money issues, but it seems to be pretty well fixed. I've only had it pop out a few times so far and it was because I weakly put it in, but I jsut want to make sure theres still not a problem here. Does anyone else ever have this happen with their steeda shifter in third? Thanks gang.
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