This ever happen to you during a haircut?

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Sorry if this was spoken about before I didnt bother searching because I didnt think anyone else would have said anything about this. But yea its usually when they where using the machine that I start to doze off. I guess from the constant buzzing from the machine.
im not gonna lie, i used to start to fall asleep all the time... idk what it is... it usually takes about 40 minutes to cut my hair, i guess it gets boring after awhile... but since my barber moved to his own shop its not so boring nemore...
lol who cares if it was already posted lol i just found it funny lol

40 mins to cut your hair!!! damn man your barber gets paid by the hour huh! lol

i agree with the big boob coment how do you fall asleep lol i see we got a lot in common under ten mins to cut...i wonder if we go to the same place lol but your canadian eh! lol soooo probley not
I never get my hair cut at barber shops, I always get it done at hair cuttery places or walmart. I dont like guys ****ing with my hair. lol... And well I went to a saloon once and never again after I got the gay hair stylist........ Never again!... lol But where do you guys get your hair cuts?

Oh yea and my haircut usually takes like 40 minutes also. Its ALWAYS #2 on the sides and scissors cut short on top.:SNSign:
i get mine cut at supercuts, and turbogt we def. need some pics

I went in and talked to her Friday.. As long as I don't leave the country for work within the next 10 days ( a major possiblility),,, I'm on for Next Friday.. She's on vacation in San Diego as of today so I can't just go visit her and take some pics..

Cross your fingers:D