this shifter any good?

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One guy here has one... he said he liked it.. I looked into it then as I read about it on the supplier info page of this site it was saying that it is not a performace shifter, uses cheaper materials than the "race" shifters...

I think I would break it with a few hard shifts so I am going to wait... my stocker is sloppy but it was free...
I know it's completely opposite of what you're looking at (price wise) but look at the MGW. It's like driving a completely different car. Think of how much you shift on a day to day basis, spending more money will seem well worth it.
I dont care what anyone says. THAT SHIFTER IS AWESOME!!! I have shifted the living Bejesus out of where I thought I would shift the whole cradle forward and so forth and no problems. I even managed to drop my time a bit with the short shifts. I even got some of my buddies to get it for their stangs and they love it and buddy of mine with a camaro wishes he could get one for his too especially for the price. It is a great shifter and I highly recomend it!
I have driven about all the big name brands shifters...B&M, UPR/Tri-Ax, Mac, Hurst, limited time with a pro-5.0, and MGW. I have driven an aftermarket far far longer than a stocker.

Hands down the best, smoothest shifter I have ever felt is the MGW. To the point the first time I felt one I did not know it was that shifter. Simply felt it and went OMG...this thing is NICE.

I fully plan on getting a MGW when I upgrade my t5 to a Gforce/astro gearset.

I have a Mac and it is ok...better than stock...but not anywere near as good as the MGW/Pro-5.0.

If I had to rank the shifters it would be- spaces mark amount IMO they are better.

Pro-5.0 (very close to MGW)

Tri-Ax/UPR (same thing)
Hurst (same as B&M IMHO)


Knock off no name brands

Now that this thread is fully highjacked into an MGW praise-fest, I'll throw in that I too love my MGW shifter. It feels absolutely rock solid, and it's as quiet as stock. Get one of their shifter knobs with the shifter too.