Those running Weld Wheels Come inside PLZ


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Nov 30, 2006
Well I need some advice, I just bought a new set of Pro-Stars and tires, 15x10 6.5" BS w/ 325/50 MT Drag Radial on the rear and those fit GREAT. My problem is with the fronts. I didn't wanna run skinnies so I got 15x6" 3.5 BS. Well as you know they hit the calipers, I know I need a 1" spacer but if I install the spacer the wheels are gonna stick out of the whell well.

My ? is, for those of you NOT running skinnies in the front, what size wheel and BS are you using, and do they tuck up into the wheel well? This sucks cuz I got the rears on and now I gotta send the fronts back.

Please help guys.
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You can grind the cross bar to get them to have to basicly REMOVE the WHOLE crossbar though.


swap to 99+ v6-gt twin pistons. The spacer needed is smaller...and if you grind on them and paint them you MAY get them to clear without a spacer. Plus have a better brake setup.

I have the 3.5's skinny pro-stars with 99+ calipers. I have some 7/16th (IIRC) spacers. I think I may be able to get them to run without a spacer after "playing" with one side alittle when I installed them. -- Howerver, you dont want the 3.5's input sorry.