Three Mustangs I'm Considering Now...


New Member
Apr 5, 2005
Chicago, IL
1. 1999 GT, Silver, 91k, auto. Looks like a limited edition model.

2. 2002 GT, Mineral Gray, 44k, 5spd.

3. 2001 Cobra, Red, 100k, 5spd.

The first is considerably cheaper. The second two are comparable in price. When I get one it will be a daily driver. On a practical level, the newer car with fewer miles seems the best bet. On a cool level, the Cobra is best. And yet, I can't overlook saving a lot of money by going with the older one. What are your thoughts?
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Well, #1 is an auto, that would be a sure no for me. The Cobra has a lot of miles ,but, its a cobra. The 02 seems like it was taken care of pretty good considering the miles on it. For me it would be a toss up between 2 & 3. I would have to see them in person and test drive them to choose.
What prices are we talking here? If the Cobra is cheap enough get it but depending on who owned it before it could be a money pit.

If it where between those only and it was a daily driver I would go for the gt with lower mileage.

If it where for a toy/weekend car I would probably go for the Cobra.

It all depends on the condition, how well they where cared for, how the drive, etc.
I've only owned two vehicles that were near 100,000 miles when I bought them. They were both money pits. If you can fix everything that breaks yourself, that's great, buy whatever you want. But I'm not a mechanic so I constantly was hemorrhaging money to get them fixed. I've bought new or damn near new vehicles for the last 12 years and that has worked really well for me. If it was me, I'd get the '02 GT. :shrug:
Maybe I'm a sinner here....but nevah buy a Cobra with 100k miles on it. That would just be stupid and crazy. It will be beat down...and not a good daily driver. Unless it only like $5k.

Buy #2....its a manual and has decent miles. If its your DD, you'll want something you can depend on, and while these motors are good, once you get to 100k miles, you'll probably be looking at more maintenance and repairs, even if its the smaller stuff. Just go look in the Tech section, all cars have problems, if these were pefect there'd be no posts in Tech.

Hopefully you can get that 02 GT for about $13-14k....probably not worth much more than that. I just looked at a vert with similar miles and same year that was 14k.
I'm gonna give a vote for the Cobra, especially if the body is in good shape. It's alot easier to make it run better, than it is to make it look good. You can turn your Cobra into a limited edition model, or whatever you want it to be. 'Limited Edition' on a Mustang really doesn't mean anything to me, unless it's a Bullitt or a Mach 1. Also, that DOHC responds to mods like whoa.
Ther is no way id buy a 01 Cobra with 100k miles on it! Ya guys Cobras are sweet but it has 100k miles on it! The only way I would get that is if I was going to be putting in a forged short block with all the extra goodies, so it would basicaly have a fresh engine in it. Any car with 100k mile is going to start having problems no matter how well you take care of it. They may not be major but a bunch of small problems end up being $$$.

With that said, I would do #2, newest, low milage, and sweet color. That is as long as its in good shape.

2. 2002 GT, Mineral Gray, 44k, 5spd.

Get number 2.

A 2001 Cobra with 100K on it probably has had most of the "fun" used up already.

For a daily driver the GT can use 87 octane gas, and they have better low end torque for around town driving.

Don't get a dog-a-matic tranny unless the thing is getting some serious mods. Slowtastic. :nonono: