Tickety Tachety


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Mar 31, 2005
Hey guys, just wondering what could possibly cause a tach to 'tick' upwards instead of a smooth motion. It only happens on high load conditions, but I know it can't possibly be the engine, it sounds smooth as it does any other time.
Do you think I just need a new cluster? Could it be a loose wire somewhere?
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Sorry dude. I've never heard of it. For what its worth, I've seen Ford speedometers do that tickety thing, so maybe its a problem that can also occur in a tach :shrug:
I can't see how load would affect the tach though. Hopefully someone will have some more insight for you. If you know a buddy with a '94-'95 GT try seeing if they will let you swap clusters to see if the problem goes away, then you know its the tach.
I know it doesn't make sense, but it really feels like 3rd and 4th gear do it a lot more than revving through first. I don't know where I'm going to get another tach though....
It does it sometimes idleing as well...its really weird, like jumpy, not surging.
The tach is probably on its way out. Try taking out the cluster and hitting it a few times :D
Oddly enought the jumpy speedometer in my parent's Windstar would stabilize for about a minute if you hit the top of the dash real hard with your fist. Might be better off getting a used cluster from the junkyard though.
I think it's spark too, I also have an annoying ass misfire under load, but it's weird because it doesn't happen at the same time as the tach fuxx0ring.
But If I cruise at like 35mph at like 2200rpm I feel a miss.
I have replaced the plugs and wires though, maybe the PIP sensor could be the source of all my problems.