Ticking after intake replacement


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Jul 13, 2005
Granger, IA
Got rid of a vac leak by taking off the lower intake and putting new gaskets down last night, well it ticks now (didn't before I put the new intake on) on the passenger side it increases as I rev the engine. Haven't pulled the codes yet, but was wondering before I did if someone knew what was up?
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I was pulling the 33 Egr code before when I had the vac leak on the lower and I wonder if maybe in the removal and install it got messed up somehow. Could that cause my ticking, or the problem at the higher rpms?
u didnt mess with the headers or rockers right? Sounds like possibility of loose sparkplug wire or boot connection...sounds just like a tick and it will run and drive but once u put load on it youll know somethings not right...give everthing a once over...plugs, wires, injectors, timing if u pulled the dizzy, etc. a cheap fix to fix loose boot on the plug is squeeze the clicky part of the boot with the handle part of big pair of channel locks(opened it to the widest setting), if that made sense....use whatever works without damaging the rubber or part of the wire and boot. after i did it to all mine it actually made my engine compartment much quieter...been like that for a while and good so far......maybe? it had something to do with the egr system, did ur gasket have the hole for the egr in the center of it? the egr valve is on the passenger side so maybe thats where u hear it from? try see where its coming from.
I burned through a header gasket one time that caused a scary ticking sound. I was sure I had a bad lifter or rod or something and was about ready to tear my engine down when a friend suggested I check my headers. I told him he was full of ****, but sure enough, had a hole in one of the gaskets. Worth a shot.
kpack5982 said:
yeah, my spark plug boots are pretty loose on the plugs, so I'll try what you suggested. So removal of the smog pump lines gives you that code?

i forget what code 33 is, i know i have it also....if its the air injection one then yea thats from taking the lines off (thats all i did too, still got the pump hooked up and running) if its the egr code then its prob not since its a seperate system
my car has the same problem,and ive had everyone tell meeverything from wristpin to lifter. this weekend im installing coba upper and lower and 1.7 rr so im going to see what i can find out.my car has 76k original on it.i bought it from the original owner and he said its been making that noise ever since it had 20k on it.my mods are as follows. u/d pulleys, 4.10s, aod/transgo shift kit, all offroad exh with no smog eqipment, c@l 76 mass air, pro.products 70mm t/b, hp subframes,all energy susp.bushings and bbk springs on a triple white 90 gt vert
So just pulled codes and got 21 94 33 and 44, I'm guessing 94 and 44 are due to the smog pump connections not being there. Then I figure 21 because it is like 12 degrees and didn't give it a heck of a lot of time for the car to warm up. Then 33, that is the egr I previously posted. I checked tps voltage and it is like .84, would that cause anything to do with the ticking or that code coming up? I just adjusted the voltage back to .98

Just a side note, but when I go to start the car I've had a few problems and when i turn the key the fuel pump comes on and then when I turn the ignition key, nothing, but if I hold the ignition key forward, after about 5 seconds the starter will start to click. Sometimes it doesn't start at all, but will when it is jumped. Just got a new battery too and that is testing fine.

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The TPS should have nothing to do with the ticking, it could be anything. I woould fisrt get the wires on good or repalce them with a set that has a snug fit. I have had engine ticks be plug wires. Car you narrow down the location? Since you ahd teh intake off, it could also be an injector. Does it run good? How about under a load? Make sure all your connections are good, if it started after the intaek garsket swap, it is probably a simple fix. It is also possible that it has been doing it for a while, you are just listening closer because of the work you did. 5.0l are not exactly the quitest of motor... :)