tilt steering- what years?


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Mar 26, 2004
which years did the tilt wheel column come in because l want to install a grant wheel in my 92 lx but grant doesnt make an adapter for air bag models so l want to install a tilt column and the grant wheel and kill 2 birds with 1 stone
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I once spent 30mins looking for the Tilt switch. My girlfriend found it like a week later. Funny thing is, I can't remember where it is anymore and if I recall, the reason I couldn't find it was because of some optical illusion of some sort :(

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Red_LX said:
Isn't it illegal to remove an airbag from a car that originally came with one (unless it's being made into a race car or something)?
Probably in some states. A buddy of mine bought a wrecked Hyundai Tiburon and he was too cheap to replace the bags. He called DMV and the sheriff's office to ask if it was legal to not replace the airbag. They said it was fine as long as he replaced the blown out steering wheel with a new non-airbag steering wheel, and if he ever sold it he had to tell them the airbags had been removed. So if your in Virginia it's ok!
oh and don't bother trying to find a TILT column, just any non airbag one will do. The so called tilt column is really gay. Only the wheel tilts, not the column itself, so the damn thing is no good for moving the wheel UP out of your way. Also the lever is inconveniently located. I never use the stupid thing.