Time for a rebuild


Jan 11, 2007
Hayden, AL
Well guys I'm starting to get some parts together for a rebuild. Unfortunatly due to my other plans (looking into buying a house before long) I've not got tons of money to spend so I'm not gonna be able to afford the AFR 165's that I want so I'm gonna have to make do with my stock GT40's for now. The stock engine rattles and smokes due to the previous owner not fixing a bad balancer and the car sitting for 2 years before I bought it. I'm just hoping to make between 260 and 285 rwhp and be able to run high 12's in the 1/4 N/A. I may also add a 100-150 shot of N2O later

Here's what I'm planning for my engine combo.
Crower 15511 cam (should arrive today)
Stock cobra 1.7 roller rockers
GT40 heads ( new valve seals and valve job if needed and some very light home porting by me)
87 forged piston shortblock (new rings and bearings)
Stock cobra intake ( cleaned and powdercoated satin black and if funds allow I'll get the lower ported by Tmoss)
1 5/8" unequal length shorty headers for a fox body (I've already eliminated the EGR)

I already have
Tweecer R/T
3.73 gears
O/R X pipe

Here's what I need help on
which Headgaskets? (Fel-pro 1011-1? 1011-2?)
valve springs? ( I sent a PM to thumper on Corral about the cost of his valve springs but haven't heard back yet)
which Timing chain?

What do you guys think and is there anything else that I should add?
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Jan 11, 2007
Hayden, AL
Thanks for the links I just didn't see them in the catalog when I was looking through last night.

The only thing I see about those gaskets is the compressed thickness is .047 would I not lose some compression with those compared to a gasket with
.038 thickness or would it be enough to matter?


Founding Member
Sep 26, 2001
Baton Rouge, LA
You will lose a little compression - that can be made up at the machine shop when they go through the heads. With the nitrous and poweradders those gaskets have been proven to stand up to some abuse. Poke around on corral and you'll find a lot of guys running them successfully for poweradders where they had problems with other gaskets (with good tunes).