Timing Blues


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Aug 28, 2004
Louisville, KY
OK i ****ed up. First i did everything right, when i hit the balancer with the timing light, i couldn't see my marks, i turned the dizzy clockwise to advance a little, bolted everything back up and took it for a spin, i couldnt get over 2500 rpms without having a **** load of pinging, so i drove home, and got everything ready, turned her on, and went to turn the dizzy couter-clockwise to retard the timing some, and get it back...but it wouldnt turn back, or forward for that matter...and the bolt is loose...WTF...
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Loosen the bolt a little more - they can be really grabby in general (esp SBC's in my experience).

I would not have touched that timing if you couldnt see where you were at to start with. If your balancer spun (so your timing marks are off), now you wont know where you started since your point of reference is off).

Good luck.
Put a little PB Blaster, WD40, Liquid Wrench or the like around the base of the dizzy as they can get kinda stuck at times.

Just keep fooling around with it Matt, and it will free up.

when i did my timing for the first time, i had a similar problem. counldnt see it.

this is what i did. sand down the balancer where it has the timing marks. get some white-out or paint and mark where you want the timing to be. i checked the timing in my garage where it was darker and i could see it clear as day compared to doing it outside in the bright morning sun.

you did remove the spout right?

try removing the bolt and the hold down all together

good luck