Tire size questions.....


New Member
Aug 17, 2004
Ok I am picking up a 97 Mustang Cobra tommorow from a dealership. For those who remember my last post yes i am buying it. Well it needs tires. So i am going to pick up some Nitto's for it. What size would you guys suggest: 245/45/17's or 255/45/17's or 265/40/17's. I say in previous posts guy are having trouble with tire rub. Thanks for you time

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if you plan on dropping it with my h&r springs, the factory 245/45/17's rubbed up in the drivers fender well, where the washer fluid resevoir sticks out, just a thought, although the 265/35 18's don't rub, I did cut out the inner fender where the contact was though. I would stick with the stock size maybe a size wider, and something sticky, unless you plan on some new wheels anytime soon. good luck