tire spin in reverse question

With a 5-speed, if a car is accelerated quickly while in reverse...enough to get the rear tires to spin (then hop), could there be any problems? I saw a guy tonight in his 02 GT do this. I'm not sure if it was intentional. He was in a parking lot and looked like he was trying to beat another car to a vacant parking space by quickly backing up. Any ideas?
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no, your car shouldn't be damaged. But don't intentionally do it. if you had a FWD and did it you'll eventually tear your motor mounts which you don't need to worry about.

and no it's not because it's your strongest gear.. wtf..
I would definitly not recommend doing this...

I have a friend with a 93 cobra...he had a slightly used set or DR's on his car and put the car in reverse and floored it....awwfull wheel hop and when he took the car out of gear he had destroyed the syncro for reverse and 2nd gear...by the time he had driven home his whole transmission was toast from all the debris floating around inside........
i did it a couple times in my 93 4banger auto back when i was young and stupid, and yeah, as a result i burned out reverse so bad that it wouldnt move in reverse unless you opened the door and pushed it back with your foot for a while first
1fast03pony said:
my bud does it all the time in his 96 auto v6 mustang

no problems at 80k miles

why would you do it intentionally? just do a forward one instead :nice:
My roomate did it all the time in reverse in his 02 v6 when he first got it. He liked doing J-turns. :)

So much wheel hop :(
In the Movie "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen, he does a wicked reverse burnout after taking a turn too fast while chasing the Charger. You can see the wheel hop all kinds. Check it out-Best chase scene ever.