Tires For 15x9's


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Nov 25, 2005
Northern VA
Well Ive been wanting a wider tire for the rear of my Stang for a while now, But I cant go much wider on the Pony's. Im running 255/50's now.

Looking at picking up some Weld 15x9's w/ 5.5" BS
What would be the biggest tire I could run without the tires rubbing?

I dont run quads and the tailpipes are tucked pretty well.

Also if I had to roll the outer fender would that chip/damage the paint?

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i have seen fox's with 295's with minimal rubbing. i have 275's on 15x8 welds with quad shocks. if you want to get a drag radial they say nitto 315's will fit aswell because they are actually not as wide as other brands 315's. Bert who sold his car i believe was running these 315's with tail pipes.
yeah I keep looking for that thread he had... I cant find it.

I just love the look of the big meats on the back of notchbacks.

Just wish it was easier on the Fox bodies. The SN95 and up you can run 315's easy.

I was thinking about an under the axle exhaust... But I doubt that would work well on a daily driver.
My car is lowered as well.

But I doubt a lowered car will make much of a difference. Since lowering springs are quite a bit stiffer than stock springs. Therefore you shouldnt have as much suspension movement as you would with stock springs.

Too bad they dont make 9" wide pony's
yes my tires slightly rub on my quad shocks and yes my car is also lowered 1 inch. if i removed my quads im sure it wouldn't rub anywhere. that and i only run 18 psi in the tires to get a full tire print on the ground. so there is a little more side wall movement which may account for some of the rub.