Tires On Bullitt Wheels (pics Please)

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Bullitt wheels were 2001-2004 and 17x8 in size.

SO i guess the first question is what wheels are you referring to?

I've seen 275/40/17's run on 17x8 wheels. They bulge, and tend to roll over themselves in turns, but look good. Handling wise i'd imagine the rolling over on the sidewalls to not be too great
I'm thinking of up-sizing mine too.... currently running same as you mentioned (245/45/17) 9" wheels Rear looks like I could get away with a couple sizes up but not sure. I know width wise I'm at the limit....May try the 275/40's as everyone I've talked to said they will most likely fit with maybe just ridding the quads or flipping I guess...pipes have allready been massaged a bit...ugh Sticking with the 245's up front, allready having rubbing on the liner on passenger side, need to pull wheel/tire and see if the retainers have all fell out