To all the fathers

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Why Thank You!

Actually had Mustanggurl (my daughter) cook me breakfast and cut the lawn!

I also called my Dad and praised him for his good guidance through my rough days!

then I went motorcycle riding with my girlfriend! Yay!!!! BBQ steak for Dinner, a good day!
I'm not a father yet, but as we're expecting our first in late July, I got a bunch of father-to-be cards. I specifically told everyone, if they're gonna get me anything, get me a tool... have it engraved if you want, but get me a tool, not a card. The kid can make me stuff and I'll love that, but from everyone else I want tools. I'll keep a tool far longer than any card someone might give me (not completely true, but usually). That is what Fathers Day is about: getting tools! Mothers Day: jewelry and flowers. Fathers Day: tools and food.

Oh well, not like I can really complain yet since I'm not a father quite yet... :rolleyes:
:( Not the best day for Me,
Took the Mach out for a sunday drive.
Great day weather wise and the Red shined in the sun. :)

The while sitting at a red light, :mad: This Fool in his jacked up Truck splashes thru the Gutter water and covers the cars in front.
:notnice: There goes the clean wax job.

Headed into the supermarket parking lot and :eek:
This Female driving her mini van talking on her phone,fails to stop for the sign and almosts clips my frontend.

:fuss: I end up hooking the curb with my front spoiler and cracking it.

Tired of the :bs: of being a target I went home.

Hope not all the Fathers had same type of day.

hungrymonkey said:
at least she can never bit... er I mean complain about how I forgot mothers day a couple of years ago :D

When I WAS married many years ago, my wife (at the time) bought me an air pot (the one with the pump on the top to serve liquid drinks), gee just what I always wanted :nonono: , so on mother's day I returned the considerate thought and bought her an adjustable wrench! :D