to all you guys


Nov 3, 2004
I would like to say thanks for the advice and input you have given me so far in my project. I regret to tell you that I will be getting rid of my internet this week. So I will not be visiting very often at all. I will drop in from time to time to see how yall are doing and post up updates on my car. You will definitly hear from me when it is running. But as for now I say so long, and keep boosting those little stangs of yours. To all the frends Ive made here, good luck and have fun
Matt :flag:
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hey all! Im at my mother in laws house today so I thought Id check in! Life with out the net is odd, strange things keep happening like talking to real people, getting things done around the house. I even found tis strange thing outside of the house, its big and round and hurts when i look at it people tell me its called a "sun"! I jut cant help but thinking Im missing out on alot of deals :(
have fun yall :flag:
thanks all i have left is the hood and then clear coat. this thing looks great ill post pics when I can. Oh and to who ever cares Im selling my coupe to make room for a 1972 buick riviara with a 455ci monster! the 2.3t will find a home in my 89vert verry soon have a great day yall