to mach or not to mach?


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Jun 30, 2002
what do u guys think of the mach 1? I was in the market for a cobra but i cant afford it. Anyways my car dealer found me a leftover brand new Mach 1 with 183 miles on it for 23,400 dollars!! would you guys jump on this deal? All the parts from my Gt i could transfer over (shifter,gears, diff,splines) I only owe 8k$ on my gt so i figure i might as well do it. I have heard the mach is in some ways better all around car than the cobra...but what would u guys do as far as getting rid of the gt?
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Feb 13, 2004
decent price on the mach, if you can afford it, I would go with it.... then again if you look at the amount of $$$ you will be out in the whole deal, you are probably better off ponying up the $$$ for a SC and some cam/headers and gearing work on the GT


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Oct 17, 2003
'Stangs lose their value fast as ****, even Cobras and Mach 1's. You should offer them $21,000, no more. If it's a left over with that many miles and they want to get rid of it, they'll sell it for a good price.


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Feb 21, 2004
That is a decent price for an 03.. The value of them has actually gone up on KBB and a lot of lots do not have new Machs (least in my area) anymore. The ones that are left are selling at sticker minus rebates. The days of getting a good deal on a Mach are pretty much over as supply is getting short.

Its a good car, very quick for NA.. Mine ran 13.2 bone stock. Check out


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Jan 6, 2003
san antonio, tx
GregGTStang said:
'Stangs lose their value fast as ****, even Cobras and Mach 1's. You should offer them $21,000, no more. If it's a left over with that many miles and they want to get rid of it, they'll sell it for a good price.

and no we wouldn't....its like we say in the car business.."there's an ass for every seat." its not its a focus or something where they have to get rid of it no matter at what's a mach 1....
Mach problems: The DOHC design from Ford in 03 had some problems with leaky cylinder heads, most likely the #5 cylinder. It's still warrantied, and supposedly fixed in the 04's. I am unsure of the tranny, but keep the mods under 400hp if you want it to last. I think it's the same as the GT. That's a good deal. I don't know where some of you guys get your numbers from, at least in California, there is no way you could get one for less than that. You have to understand that you could talk them down all you want, but they'll make up for it somehow. I hate people that think they can grind and grind and expect to get the deal they want. While you walk not getting the numbers that you want, you also don't have that car. Understand selling cars is how guys like me get to eat and pay the bills. You WILL not get the wholesale cost on a car. As much as some of you guys think you do. Give us a break. I know some sales guys are peices of crap; one dude lied to our owner saying my customer had no idea who I was, yet the same time the owner thanked me for handling him with courtesy. Anyway, that is a great price. Get it. Don't worry about the internals by the way. The GT and the Mach share the same stuff, and they are no slouches from the factory. They have been around for a long time, and have tried and true proof that they last; just look at the taxi and police vehicles. The Cobra parts are good and are a lot stronger than MACH internals, but they are not graced by the hand of God. Cobra pistons are notorious for the dissipation of the teflon coating on their parts, and they can break and become damaged just as easily. Its going to take some crazy pressure to break the Mach internals. If you stay N/A, your motor will take 125-150K miles of abuse. In my opinion, they are amazing machines and much more comfortable than the almighty Cobra.