Todays Rice

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Jun 15, 2005
From the looks of that civic on steelies, I think the driver barely spent anything at all. Which from the looks of it was a good decision, considering how bad his taste is.


doesnt look like a lot of money...

just a ****load of sticker, stock rims in the back with no hub caps, pep boys wing, tail lights, headlights rice pipe.

I could he could have spent like 1 grand all together...but its not that bad considering some other ricers with complete body kits and all kinds of ricer **** that probably set them back like 8k

There was the most rice out piece of **** civic at the track the other night

full body kit, rice lights, wing, pipe , you name it, lambo doors..

dude ran a 18.6 at like 78 mph

wtf is the point of that?


Apr 17, 2007
Milford, OH
The Honda decal on the sunroof has to be good for an extra 20+hp too. I still can't believe what people will do to their cars.

I saw something that on one hand looked really good and yet made me shake my head. Yesterday I was stopping at a red light to make a right hand turn next to Arby's. As I was stopping I look in the Arby's parking lot and see a nice red S197 with a GT500 hood. I thought nice car. Afetr I stopped upon closer examination I was like, "NO WAY", it has Saleen badges on it. Then as I made my turn and saw the back of the car I thought when did they change the center exhaust on a Saleen and thats when I noticed there was only one tailpipe, yes it was a V6. It was still a nice looking car though and looked well done. Still I for one have no problem with puting Cobra, Saleen, Roush, etc stuff on, just don't do the badging. :nono:
May 20, 2005

I really need to get a pic of a civic up by my university that I see nearly everyday.

Dark green 4-door civic, same body style as the one in this thread. It has a body kit; both side skirts and both bumpers.. but, each is a different color of primer; red, white, green, tan. Then it has a hood scoop that is on backwards, also primered white. It has the ricer taillights and headlights.. But the kicker?........ It has a 99-04 GT badge on the back underneath the driver's side taillight:rlaugh: :nonono:

I hear the guy is really nice, but damn he made some bad decisions.