took my foot a little more off the gas today


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Nov 3, 2003
I remember when I was 16 my dad and I put together a sweet little 65 ranchero. few years later I sold it and bought a 68 camaro that eventually ended up with a 383 stroker..... I drove both those cars everywhere with little concern for gas prices. just fill up and go.

now.... it seems when I pass by the gas station I pull my foot off the accelerator a little more. sadly I just saw on the news with gas prices filling up a 15 gallon tank once a week has increased up to $500 a year now on top of what it was last year. Funny thing is all I can think about is how I could mod my mustang with that $500. LOL

love to hear the v-8 sound
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I hear ya buddy! When I was down in NY last week, gas prices were US$3.70/gal (CHEAP!). That equates to roughly 97.7 cents/litre. In Ontario, Canada (where I live) gas prices are now at $1.25 a liter or, converted, US $4.73/gal. This is for regular 87 octane. Don't even ask how much 94 is.

Lately, I seem to be lighter on the throttle too. Although, I admit, I usually take it pretty easy anyways. Last fill-up, I averaged 23.5 MPG so guess I'm doing okay.
This is getting ridiculous...Im paying $4.15-ish a gallon right now for 91 octane for my Mach, & about $4.00 a gallon for 89 octane for my DD 95 GT...The worst thing is that the GT only averages about 17-18mpg with mixed city/highway driving....The good news is my dad is giving me his 84 VW GTI beater to dd, & its gonna save me alot of cash....
its $3.79 here in northern va for 93. The stangs been sitting in the garage. Ive been driving my daily driver which is a 90 nissan sentra uses regualr gas i filled up 3.54$ / regular cost me 33.00$ and 1 whole tank lasts me 1 whole week with mixed highway/city driving. So not too bad.:shrug:
Just went to fill up @ the shell station near my house & I noticed it went up another 4 cents for 91, & this most likely isn't the most expensive area in town...Downtown is usually about 5-10 cents more expensive than other areas of town....I told u guys u have it good in other states...I paid almost $55 to fill up my 95 GT on 89 octane, & I still had a gallon left in the tank...:nonono: :mad: :notnice: :(

I think its time to put the timing back to stock so my car wont ping on regular 87 octane gas anymore...Look at the price for diesel, its ridiculous....

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same here in my part of chicago
I pay like 3.90 for 93 octane. Except for that one week when the shell by my apartment was charing the same for 93 as they were for 87. Yeah, that was sweet.

Regardless of price, my right foot is a wasteful son of a bitch. And leftie doesn't do **** to stop him.
QFT! I've been payin around $4.13 - $4.18 for 91 for about a month and a half now.

Last weekend on the drive up from soCal i paid $4.79 for 91 in King City. crapola
Its bad here in Sac, but even worse in the bay where u live...But where they really gouge u is in the bumf--k towns that are next to the highway or interstate...$4.79 is ridiculous!!!