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Sep 22, 2004
thats y i cant wait for fridays..thats when i drive my stang..traffic is light to and from work..and its party time at 6pm when i leave!! the n20 tank full...goin home to swap the jets for some 75..getting ready for my race tomorrow night for $400...and gonna hit the clubs tonight!!
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and i you think i care?? ohh and theres something wrong with the goin to the clubs??
and now all of a sudden theres something wrong with racing??

keep it on the track bud?
where you think im gonna be racing?
Who cares, This isnt a Popularity contest!
A thread was locked yesterday because of people talking this way. He didnt ask if you liked him and I doubt anyone cares if you like him.
i dont really care...no1 here needs to hold there tounge..i didnt start this thread to keep you or mac guys got other problems right now that you cant be happy with...(like 1/4 mile times)
i started this post to express my happiness in my mustang and the work i have done to it..and how good it feels to drive it..and just to see what people do on friday nights...i go to clubs on some of them..theres nothing wrong with racing an old school malibu for $400 tomorrow night at the dragstrip here in A.Z. call speedworld..
:rlaugh: here come the hero's, chill out, we're all going to be O K

Im all for keeping stangnet clean, I was helping this guy out in the tech section the other day.....

just speaking my mind.....
i am 21 on my fourth mustang and had a low 13 when i was your age!!

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April 4th, 1986
Im a 19 year old kid with an addiction to my car. I like unicorns, long walks on the beach and Phil Collins.

this is your profile

excuse me for being so rude in previous posts.....i didnt know you were gay...but it all makes sense now!

you dont like clubs, which means you dont like or are afraid of picking up women, and you like walks along the beach and listen to phil collins.....and you 19 on top of that....theres no other answer but you are gay..dont worry i wont say anything more to you
HAHA way to take a joke and way to be so infatuated with making yourself look better than me by looking into my profile in hopes that you will "embarass" me. I dont even live by the beach. And you honestly think I listen to Phil Colins? And the reason I dont like clubs is because I HATE rap and reggaeton and cant stand in a room with that crap making my f-in ears bleed.
ohh so now your saying you were joking?
and all of a sudden you dont have a point with your question of
how old are you?

you dont like the clubs b/c your gay!!
and your not old enough

stop while you only look a little stupid:nice: