TOyota Prius...replaces my 03 COBra!!!!! YIKEs hehehe


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Apr 24, 2001
Hillsborough, NJ

I rented a 2004 Toyota Prius today from Enterprise........Hada to bring my CObra into the shop for some work...

Its a pretty neat car. It didnt feel as slow as I expected it would after driving the CObra to the shop. Its pretty put a computer chip kind of looking thing into a slot and then press a button and the car is on...but makes no noise at all...

Its kind of like a golf cart...until you get on it and the gas engine actually turns on. The touch screen monitor is cool. Shows you when you are operating on gas or battery and what you gas mileage is and your average gas mileage...

The magazines have been right on about the car....

I like the good gas mileage (with a heavy foot I averaged 45MPG today ), the uglyness starts to look nicer as you drive it heheh the quite ride is so peaceful..the car turns off at every stop.... Its spacious..with back seats folded down theres alot of room..

ON the negative side.....If the dealers are marking them up...Is it worth it for a car thats really only getting 45MPG? The radio is muddy just like tha mags say. and the seat only has recline and forward/backward.. I cant get completely comfortable...It would help if the steering wheel telescoped...
ALso the view out the back window is slightly distorted I think because of the way they bent/angled the glass

Still probably going to go with a nice gas guzzling Ford Truck to replace the Volvo when it dies! UNless they make some more improvements to the Prius in the years to come.

Its funny that I drive around in the mustang with the windows down to hear the loud bassani exhaust I just got and I drive around in this car with the windows down to hear how quite it is.. You can drive around a parking lot without ever running the gas motor!

I want to know when they will have an electric engine we can use as a power adder in our cars!
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