tps problem


Jun 21, 2005
Durango CO.
I am working on a friends car that is an automatic. It idles way to high and its not in the iac or idle set or maf. I unplugged the tps and it idled down to where it is supposed to be. I checked the volts when off with the key on and it only reads .17 and I made sure my connection was strong. If it reads way to low will that make the car idle higher. I might be answering my own question just want some input thanks.
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Is there a code for the TPS? There should be.

If there isnt, bench test your DMM and try it again. Also open the throttle and be sure the reading goes up. IF it doesnt, the issue can be the TPS (that would be a couple of TPS issues) so I'd want to test it with another meter first.

A tip from Jrichker is that if the car idles ok, then starts idling high out of the blue, and then returns to a normal idle after you shut the car off and restart it, that's a sign of a worn TPS wiper.

Good luck.