trac-lock rebuilt= vibration?


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Jan 7, 2002
Im having a bad vibration when going 8omph and up.

Its sound like a bad drive-shaft or u-joints.

Even with new u-joints and a 2nd drive-shaft that dont vibrate(come from an other 5.0 that is ok) Its still vibrate.

The vibration came after changing:

clutch(flywheel resufaced,new pilot,throw out bearings)
t-lock rebuilt kit( done with the 4 clutchs method)
new lower controls arms (granatelli weight jackers)
boxed upper with new poly bushings.

No vibration in neutral at any rpm.When going 80 mph if put in neutral,it still vibrate and it go slowly when slowing down...

Can it come from an incorectly rebuit t-lock?
Or can i have a bent shaft in the tranny? (is this possible?)
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