Track times with my turd with ported top end!


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Mar 13, 2003
Well guys, I got the wanna be monster to the track last night, I just dont get why she is being so damn stubborn! BEFORE the headwork, cams, water injection, nitto DRs, and half the boost she ran 12.77 and now she IS SLOW!!! I dont get it I know it was 40deg out when she went 12.77, but now she is trapping FAST like in the 111 range but the times are getting slower and slower and she is getting MUCH more inconsistant. I ran anywhere from 14.1 last night to 13.0 at anywhere from 97mph to 111mph. the DRs hook like hell on the street, but with even an AWSOME burnout the best 60ft I could net was a 1.99. I also know its 90+deg out and the humidity was like 90% but she still should be in the deep 12s. I also know the water injection works AWSOME on the street but when I get to the track it always breaks, the fasest run without it was 13.8 @106 having to let off after 3rd due to detonation, and the only run it worked on (just 1st gear and half of second) I ran 13.0 at 111. PLEASE give me some suggestions and let me know what you guys think, this thing is getting me so dissappointed. Here is the best pass.

2.03 60ft
5.618 330
8.533 1/8 at 87
11.00 1000
13.073 1/4 at 111
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I feel your pain, I've been going thru the same dilema on my 01 S/C GT.
Ran 12.72@111MPH once and haven't been able to duplicate or break into the 12's since. 13.0's is best and my MPH has dropped and I believe it's due to the hotter/humid weather. Blower cars really don't care too much for it I've been upset with my cars performance cuz when it's not one thing it's another.
Traction,weather,track,hot motor-S/C,driver so many variables to account for it's difficult to get the same times in consistently. So keep at it make notes off all these variable and you'll see what works best. Also I noticed you have a Snow Performance system on your cars that you said works great on the street but breaks at the track? Breaks how? Need to no cuz I just purchased one. Thanks and good luck :nice:
I always seem to be blowing the fuse on a long run down the trck. Also it seems counter productive at the track since usually you let the car cool down, where on the street the blower is warm and you FEEL a differance. I have rewired the system 2 times and it is blowing 40amp fuses.