Traction bar install

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they are pretty easy to install. the 2 pieces that form the hoop go around your axles be sure to get it under your brake line you dont want to squish them. they bolt to the original spot your lower contol arms did. I mounted the control arms that came with the kit on the lowest setting (you can mount the lower control arms in 2 spots with this set up to change you pinoin angle). :nice: Seems to give the set up more bite. the upper control arms were just a straight swap in. With this set-up you can do away with your quad shocks if you want. I still have mine but will be removing shortly. I dont have any wheel hop going forward but i dont dare spin the tires even a little in reverse it hops very badly. Not that you ever spin in reverse but it has happened a couple of times.
if you have the part that mounts around the axles i would install them. remove your rear shock and lower control arm at the rear axle. Install the "traction bar" around the axle. I believe it mounted with a bolt through the stock lower control arm mounting point. Then reinstall lower contol arm to either of the two new mounting positions. then remount the shock.
are either of these them?




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If you have the old style Lakewoods, with the loop around the axle, they install like this..

The loop mounts around the axle. The bar goes over the outside of the axle bracket, and the bolt goes through the bar, the axle and the lower control arm. This can be a mother to put together, but it is doable.

Then there is a box that goes into the torque box opening at the front of the bar. There is a rubber snubber that goes on a bolt between the front of the bar and the torque box bracket. Then the strut goes between the front of the bar and the axle loop.

When set up, with the car on the wheels the strut should not have any stress, and there should be a bit of play between the rubber bushing at the front of the bar and the torque box.

There is a version of this that has a loop vice the bolt and bushing at the front also.

I have these and they work great.

However, be careful on a street driven car. If set up tight enought be be effective, they will limit the rear suspension travel, and bind. If they bind enough, the mounting brackets at the rear will crack. I especially try not to go diagonally across driveway entrances, for instance.
BTW, the old style does not mount easily with quad shock brackets on the axle, they push the loop outboard far enough to bind up the strut rod ends, and seem like they will break the strut mounting ears off.

I use them on 7.5 axles w/o quadshocks, and just cut the quadshock brackets off my 8.8. The style in the pictures mounts ok on either type axle.