Transdapt Shiftkit... Questions.


Dec 1, 2005
So.. I was reading an article about the shiftkit and it said you'd be able to downshift to any gear at any speed. I got to thinking.. "So I can be in 1st gear and be going 100mph...SAFELY?"

Someone explain please on how these work and such.. I have a shiftkit and all I notice are firmer shifts and it holding a little longer. :shrug:
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94MustangGT5.0 said:
This is an interesting question, it would be nice to know before I get my Transgo .

Off topic... but do you have any times for your car?

Nope, not yet.. My friend has times on his 13.9 1/4 car and I can either keep up with him or beat him some days.. so i'm guessing i'm around 13.7's on some nice days.. :shrug:
SilverFoxbody said:
This is the ONE LINK EVERY AODE/4R should read before they biittcch about thier trans. Take it from a guy that knows his way around autos....reeeeed and be merry.

Looks like a good link. I bookmarked it for later reading.
My question is: what can I do to my trans to make it even better and able to withstand whatever more I wish to throw at it?
An AODE should be upgraded to an 4R70W IMHO, the swap is simple and you get the wide ration gear set and a trans that will hold 400 HP from the factory. I say this, cause your electronics will still work with it. It isn't that easy for AOD guys.

If you want to keep the AODE and the even ratio gear set, I would reccomend a jmod and a new mechanical one way clutch and a better converter. Then the trans will hold 400 easy as well. I suggest you take care of the VB first. The AODE vb is the greatest fallback of the trans.