Transmission cooler lines - 64/65 vs 66 - do they interchange?


Aug 8, 2018
The factory 64/65 V8 trans cooler lines consist of the following:
* two fittings at radiator
* two short pieces of rubber hose
* two preformed lines going to trans
* one 90 degree adapter fitting that screws into the rear return line port in the trans

In 66, the 7 components above appear to be combined into just two lines - hot and return. I might need adapters at the radiator but it sure seems a LOT cleaner. The old ones I pulled out seemed to be a combo of the two styles. I have no 90 degree adapter at the return line into the trans and both lines thread into the trans horizontally (like a 66).

Is there any reason why I can't install the 66 lines in my 64.5 and do away with a bunch of crap?

Thanks for your help
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