Fox Transmission Problem....


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Dec 25, 2013
hey everybody, happy holidays! i managed to brake the fox this week....somehow once in neutral, the car keeps driving as if in gear, nothing happens in reverse at all, the rear locks up, and park its the same thing... when in neutral or overdrive, it acts as if its a slipping clutch, but its a 89 foxbody 5.0 with the normal AOD trans in it... cant seem to figure out whats wrong here, drives perfect in 1st, 2nd and 3rd... but no reverse no neutral and when in park it hestiates to rev up, only revs to 2 grand. could it be the linkage to the trans from the shifter? any input would be appreciated, and sorry if this is the wrong section to post in, it looked like this was the only foxbody area idk.
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Aug 27, 2012
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would that kickdown cable have anything to do with my situation though? i have it disconnected at the moment and it was fine for like 2 days?

Absolutely, which is why I asked. It's called a TV or throttle valve cable. Your tansmission internal parts ( AOD) and shift points are controlled by line pressure, which is controlled by the TV cable being connected and adjusted properly. Not enough line pressure and an AOD will burn up in short time. Why on earth would you disconnect it? Did you disconnect it at the TB or the trans as it makes a difference- at the TB 0 pressure, at the trans, it is at max pressure.. Regardless, reconnect it and pray that your didn't fry your AOD. Check your fluid -it should be bright red and not smell burnt. Assuming it drives, I would take it to a trans shop, have them check the trans out and adjust it with a line pressure gauge.

From the Ford Service Manual

"CAUTION: Do not drive vehicle if (TV) cable is broken or disconnected at throttle body lever.

Damage to friction elements in transmission may result due to excessive slipping since TV pressure will remain near zero. If it is necessary to drive vehicle before servicing or resetting cable, disconnect cable at the transmission lever. TV pressure will now be near maximum, allowing light throttle operation. However, shift will be delayed and harsh."