Transmission/shifter question


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May 25, 2005
Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, but I wanted to ask your advice on the manual transmission swap (my baby is currently an automatic) I'm hoping to do this summer. First question...T-5 or 3550? Second...what shifter do you guys like? My dad's new saleen (and by new I mean 1995...its new to us) has a pro-5.0, and I like that, but I believe out 98 saleen has a steeda tri-ax. opinions welcome..thanks again!
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What else are you planning to do with the car? How will you use it? The 3550 will take more abuse than the T5 - but if you're not gonna abuse it, MANY t-5's out there are holding up just fine. If you're gonna supercharge it the 3550 will stand up better to the torque of a boosted motor than the T5 will. Of course - you have to do some chassis/suspension/tire work to get the traction to really put the tranny to work in the first place.

Good luck with the project.
its my daily driver. im still in high school, so its how i get around. maybe a track night every once in a while (and i really mean a while), mostly just gettin around town/the occasional trip to a car show. the supercharger will most likely be in a year or two, so im not going to factor that in. thanks for the input.