Travelling with the kiddos in a classic Mustang...


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Mar 10, 2008
This is a subject I've never had to deal with until recently. We have an 8 month old girl that I hope to take out in the fastback sometimes, but as you all know, vintage Mustangs are a bit limited in the seatbelt department.

I managed to belt her first carseat in with the lap belt securely when she was younger, but now the toddler/booster seat combo I picked out (and most I've seen) only uses the "latch" system to secure it. Has anyone retrofitted a latch kit for their mustang? I would think it would be easy to bolt into the floor, but I'm not sure where to get the latch specific parts, etc.

Also, when they are old enough and the carseat transitions to a booster seat, you are supposed to use shoulder belts that come equipped with new cars, but what do you do with a vintage Mustang? I'm relying on the wisdom and experience of those Mustang owner/parents on this one, so fire away...

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You should still be able to use the lap belt to secure the seat, even if it has the latch strap. The latch strap will pull out and you feed the seat belt through it that way. At least that is what I can do with my boy and his seat. It's an Eddie Bauer seat/booster with 5 point belt system. I am going to try one of the 3 point belt conversions soon. It would make me feel a bit better with teh kids in the back.
I can't tell you about the car seats but I would highly recommend a barrier in between the back seat and trunk area just in case of fire. It's not likely to ever happen but it's better to be safe than sorry.