Tremec 3550 fluid?


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Apr 7, 2002
Dayton, OH
I just bought a used Tremec 3550 and was wondering what fluid I should use in it when I install it on Saturday. Also should my speedo gear from my 93 stock T5 work in this tremec?
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I have a Tremec 3550, and I have always used GM Syncromesh. At $10 a quart, it is expensive, but it is the best for your 3550.
Unless something has changed since i bought mine, if you buy a Tremec and bust it, then send it back to Tremec with DIII in it, they won't honor the warantee. Go with GM Syncromesh just like they say. If you can't afford the fluid, well you might be in the wrong hobby. Expensive trany = expensive fluid. :shrug: