Tremec TKO 500 Prices


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Mar 9, 2000
Orlando FL
whats the lowest you guys have seen these transmissions anywhere. I am looking to either try and pick one up in a few weeks at FFW in orlando, or find one online. I want to try and get one for like 1500 Cash at the race, but we will see what happens. Whats the lowest you have seen them. My 3550 is beat to hell, I managed to break 5th gear last week, being stupid racing a bike on the toll road, so know i only have 1,2,4, and reverse... the tranny has been rebuilt about 5 times, and they say its never like new... So So true... Time to move up
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500...600...who gives a *****. LOL just kidding, but seriously I really don't think there is much difference between the 500 and 600 besides the 1st gear ratio, which is a personal preference. I bought my 500 from I believe it was around $1,700 at the time. I opted for the 26 spline input shaft, you will not be disappointed with that tranny or that bunch of guys.
I don't understand why people think the 600 is better, I guess because it has a higher number. The 500 has a lower first gear ratio which is just slightly higher than the stock T5, and you can get a 500 and use a stock style clutch while with the 600, you have to get at least a different fricion disc because it only comes in 26-spline. It is said that the 600 is stronger than the 500 but that is because of the input shaft on the 600 only comes in 26-spline, but with the 26-spline on the 500, they are equal. Just wanted to help clear that up.

D&D seems to be the #1 for the TKO's.

I would call Liberty and G-force and see what they have to offer for your 3550, might be able to get the 3550 rebuilt stronger, and better for less.
Good find, bell housing is wrong but looks like our man already has one if a 3550 is what he has right now. Don't forget you'll have to find a 31 spline slip yoke for the TKO, the 3550 was the same as the T5 wasn't it?