Tremec TKO600 Installation Questions!! People with Tremec's please come in on this!


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Jul 15, 2003
somers Ct
Today I bit the bullet and went to mustangs Un(limited) and bought the Tremec TK600 with the .64 overdrive 26 spline input shaft and 31 Spline output shaft. I was originally going to buy the world class T5 but Mustang "Limited" had the tranny on backorder for the last month and I cant wait that long to finish my New engine swap.

Now my main question is will my FRPP Aluminum drive shaft work with the Tremec? I did buy the new yoke to replace the one on the drive shaft.
2.Do I have to adjust the shift lever base (flip the shifter 180 Degrees) in order for it to fit right and be in the same location as the T5, or should I just leave it alone the way it is? 3. Since im giong from a stock T5 in my 93 GT with 3.55 rear end gear to a TKO600 what will the car drive like? With the .64 5th Overdrive gear will i notice a good drop in RPMS while curiseing on the highway at 75 MPH as a pose to the stock T5 overdirve. Does anyone know of a good RPM Calculator on the web?
Any info would be awsome becuase im planing on dropping the new 350 HP 306 in on monday or tuesday once my clutch arrives. Thanks Guys!!!
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Apr 15, 2004
I just installed a TKO500 (from Mustangs Unlimited, with Hurst shifter) and had to do the 180 degree swap on the shifter to line up right in my '83. I can't predict whether you'll have to do it with the 600 in your '93, but I will tell you that it was the easiest part of the entire install. Piece of cake.


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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
I have the TKO500. Keep in mine this tranny is longer. The shifter goes in just like stock, no issues there. but the tail end is different.
You will need to swap yokes. I needed to have it rebalanced. I also need to have the driveshaft shortened about 1". This is the FRPP Aumimum unit. I am going to get mine high speed balanced as well. The crossmember will slide back once the tac welds have been ground down. The RPM might drop some, but 1st is taller, so launch will probally be like 3.27's. These trannies shift so much better than T5's once broken in properly.