Trick Flow setup done, 2 tuning questions!

So the whole Trick Flow setup is on and running. Heads, cam, intake. Now i have two issues that i need help with. When driving when i take the car out of gear to slow down for a stop i have to tap the gas to keep it at idle. If i don't tap the gas the car will die. Second just driving at a steady speed the car surges, only when its at a steady speed though. It accelerates like crazy, and have not noticed it then. And advice would be awesome guys! Thanks!
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Check your TPS voltage and ensure that there are no cal leaks ANYWHERE.

Edit: Occasionally, simply rotating the MAF sensor can help cure problems like you describe (shot in the dark there).
I did check the tps, it was at .96 at idle and just under 5 volts at wot. have not tried turning the maf though. I was told to get the tps at .98 by trick flow, would the .02 diff make that much of a diff. Its so hard to get it right there when bolting it back down. I always get like at .02 change when i bolt it down.
as far as the car wanting to stall when you come to a stop.. what is your idling RPM at when the car is parked? Try turning the stop screw on the TB out more to raise the idle RPM and that may help. As far as surging goes... what size injectors and fuel pump you running? What kinda MAF?
I just had my engine rebuilt and added a E303 cam and TFS Street intake to the TW heads I already had. I had the idle problem as well....everytime I slowed down it stalled. I used one of the fixes from the stiocky up top....I dremeled part of the IAC to provide constant air without the cputer being able to stop it. I then set my curb idle to 1000RPM (IAC unplugged, car at op temp) using the idle screw and then reset the TSP to great. All mods are in sig.
Well done a bunch of test driving and the things runs pretty freakin good now. I found out the tps likes it about .99 volts, idles great right there! As for the surging on the highway still does that. Have to do some testing and tuning now. As for now i have the 19# injectors and stock maf. I have some 24# and a C&L 76 mm that i will put on just waiting to get a adj pres reg. Oh and running a 255lph pump. Any more suggestions on the surging and whats a good fuel pres reg that you guys like?
How big of a difference did the top end kit make? I have the same kit waiting in my garage for a bottom end to be built. I can't wait.

I also have the same surging and occasional stalling at stops. The surging I noticed was in sync with my A/C relay and the A/C clutch. As far as the stalling I turned my fuel pressure down and it seems to run a little better and starts better when hot.

Recently installed elec. fan, Vortech T-rex fuel pump, and 255 in-tank pump. That's when the stalling and sputtering started for me.

Good luck.
Oh man, that kit made a huge diff!!! I finally got it all broke in, the recomended 4 hours worth. That kit works awesome! It has a really mean sounding idle, and when you hit the gas be prepared for some boiling tires! i can put it is second drive about 3,000, 3,500 rpms and stand on it and it will boil the tires! I am very happy with the kit results. Have yet to put it to the test though! I am sure you will be happy with the kit.