trick flow track hear upper and lower intake with stock heads?

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Yea... id buy it and resell it if you dont use it i make $$$$ that way... i picked up a street heat with accufab TB and spacer for $200.... I sold the intake for $350... Took the tb and spacer for my build... Sold my bbk spacer and TB for $175... So i sold the stuff for $525 and upgraded from a ****ty bbk TB to a quality piece... nice profit if you ask me...
I would say you will gain :nice:
It ain't gonna be like it would if you had heads and cam :(

Another thing is the shorter runners will hinder the gain with the oem
heads more so than if you had the longer runner street heat

As others have said ... if you are going the whole h/c/i route
then I like the mid length runner intakes over the longer ones :banana:

You just have to pick the rest of the combo to compliment that
kind of intake ;)

Did anyone ever find any data showing that this increases performance? As far as I can tell, the only difference is that you have a crappy Fox style throttle body which is more likely to stick on you.


I have yet to see hard data showing positive power gains with a NA
application :)

I know some like how it looks as opposed to the OEM SN setup
That is a whole nuther kettel of fish :shrug:

I've seen several say pa applications do gain from this mod :nice:

The stock lower intake is the single most restrictive part on the 5.0. You will see a power increase of 10-15hp but like everyone else says the heads will be the next big choke point. It will not be huge and you may barely even notice it but I could not notice any power increase in my car when I done a O/R x pipe on my car either.

I would go ahead and install it but I have had my intake off a few times and I can get it off in about 20-30 minutes.