Trick Flow me figure this out (PICS)


New Member
Mar 14, 2008
When I was hooking up my TF upper I noticed that TF didn't list where all of the vacuum lines go. I think I have most of them correct but I am still unsure about the PCV. On the bottom of the TF intake I have four places for vacuum lines. One I have the stock black "tree" treaded into and the other one I have run straight to the PVC valve. Now on the stock intake that I took off, it has a hose running from the "box" (I'm calling the box the thing on the bottom of the stock intake with the four ports you can see in my pic) and then to a T that goes in the outer portion of the intake. Do I need to put this T in my new TF intake? Here is the "T" that I am talking about in the right bottom corner of the stock intake. You can see where I simply pluged the hole on the TF intake. Is this right or should the "T" go where I have the plug?


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