trouble finding paint for 93 (ES)


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Jan 12, 2010
my paint code is ES which for 93 is vibrant red used only on 93 GT's, Cobra"s and Cobra R's. now there are other ES paint codes such as performance red and torch red but these are in later years and different shades. i have looked and called numerous shops and nobody can get ES vibrant red from the 1993 ppg line. anyone out there no where i can get a quart?
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I have a '88 vert with an aftermarket blue paintjob. It was re-painted before I bought the car so I had no way of knowing what shade of blue it was. The paint store here where I live has a "camera" they use to "match" paint. They took a picture with the camera down against the paint, took it inside and downloaded to the computer and mixed the paint to match. They mixed 1/2 pint and we took it outside and applied it to a chipped place and there it was, perfect match! Check around some bodyshops and see which automotive paint stores have a good reputation and and get them to do this for you.:nice: