trouble reinstalling distributor

After swapping intake mainfolds. I noted the rotor orientation and I can feel the worm gears engaging as I drop the distributor in. It's bottoming on something. It only goes as far as the bottom of the o-ring gastket and stops. Gentle tapping and wiggling doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?

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Founding Member
Nov 15, 2001
San Diego
It sounds like it's stopping on the oil pump driveshaft. You can do one of two things. Use a socket and turn the shaft a little and try putting the distributor back in. Or you can put the distributor in until it stops, then turn the motor over until it drops in. That's the way I usually do it.


New Member
Sep 29, 2000
south louisiana
If you use the socket method, use a 1/4" drive one, and duct-tape it to the extension. If using the starter method ( this doesn't always work for me and is hard on the oilpump drive) just bump the starter with a screw driver across the solenoid terminals while applying pressure on the distributor.