Trunk Battery & Relay Wiring Question


Jan 1, 2003
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I'm moving the battery and relay to the trunk and I've got a wiring question.

The battery and the starter relay goes into the trunk.

A 1 guage wire will go from the relay to the starter (old style).
A wire will go from the starter position on the ignition switch to the relay.
A 4 guage (correct size?) will go from the battery hot to the fuse box. (Hot lead)

The hot lead from the battery will be directly connected to the alternator wire and voltage regulator. (stuff that is currently connected to the battery side of the starter relay). This will be done in a new fuse panel. (not sure where to put it).

Does this sound right?
Combined with a good hood lock, I think the car would be real hard to hot wire.
Plus, after hiding the engine compartment wiring, it should be real clean.

Any suggestions?

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Just a suggestion to battery in trunk conversions. Put just the battery in the trunk and add a "kill switch" (aka racecar type) between the battery and the stuff up front.

Great way to kill the power in case of electrical fire and you can perhaps keep the bad guys from taking your toy if the switch is in a hard to find location.

Happy Motoring!



Jan 1, 2003
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Thanks for the reply 67efivert.

On the hot wire from the battery to the circuit panel. Perhaps 8 guage wire is better? This wire is the main conduit for charging the battery. If I go with a 130amp 3G alternator, what size wire would I need?

Also, I'm planning on bringing the wire from the alternator/Regulator into the fuse breaker box, thru a fuse and then to the battery wire.

Any suggestions on where to put the circuit breaker box? I can't think of any security issues with it. If there is any security issues, I could put it under the hood as it will be locked.



Apr 28, 2005
Relay as in starter relay? I moved my battery and starter relay to the trunk also. Ran 1 gauge wire from the starter post of the relay to the starter and 4 gauge from the post post of the relay to the alternator. I think 4 gauge wire will be fine with the 130A alt. The additional gauge is needed due to the extra length of the wire compared to the stock length with the battery up front. I also extended the I and S wires using 10 gauge wire and ran them back to the solenoid also. I bolted the ground wire to the rear bumper bracket and is doing great. I've heard that if you have a big block car that you need to run a full length ground wire to the front frame rail since it is on a subframe car.

Oh and the 4 gauge wire i used came from a 400watt amplifier kit that i had as an extra. It uses the fine wire strands for less resistance. Just an idea if you haven't purchased the alternator power feed.


Jan 1, 2003
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Thanks Edbert for the diagram. That's super. It's given me lots of ideas for the relays. I think I'm going to build a panel under the dash for the relays. Good pix.

JBuening: Thanks for the reply. I couldn't see any use for the I wire on the starter relay. Is it used for anything?

Where did everyone put their fuse box?
Thanks a lot.
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