Trying to get back in an SN95


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Sep 27, 2019
Kuna, ID
I used to have a 2000 BAB Mustang with a V6/AT about 10 years ago. I really liked that car, we got it as the "safe" car when my wife got pregnant as I refused to own anything with 4 doors that wasn't a full size truck. I ended up losing it in a bankruptcy after about 1-2 years. I've always said if I found the setup I wanted in another Edge mustang I would try and snag it. I've been looking for a black on black coupe GT or triple black vert GT with a 5spd. The other day I found 2 triple black vert GT's for sale. They are both 2002 models with 5spds and similar mileage, about 1k difference. I looked at the cheaper one and mechanically it's in good shape but needs lots of other work. It needs a new top, some weather stripping, hydraulic motor, possibly head unit, lights are fogged, leather seat skins are pulling apart and the scoop and spoiler need some clear coat. I'm hoping to see the other one in a day or two. The dealership just got it in on trade and had sent it off to be detailed before putting it on the lot. The asking price is above book value though so it had better be immaculate. I plan on calling some upholstery shops to see how much a top replacement runs just in case I go with the first one though. Thought I would toss in a pic of my first SN95.
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No dice, the first car needed more work than I wanted to do and the other car never showed up. I guess they were gonna wholesale it and it was never supposed to have been listed on the website. Sooo, the wife and I are refinancing the house which will give me a little more for a down payment and I'm expanding my search to include 05-14 stangs as well. :)