Trying to smooth out the crinkles in the plan


Jul 13, 2003
Oxford, MS
A few questions regarding an engine I'm building. I'm just gathering parts for it right now, and I want to get some input as to what will work and as to what won't work. I'm getting information for several sources so I figured I would come here to put another source on the notch. Can't have enough info, right? ;)

I'm building a 393, and keeping N/A for now since I don't have the means to purchase a blower right now. I want it to have around 9.5 c/r, but I can't really pick out the pistons yet since I need to have a combustion chamber size first. I want the blower to push out around 9psi tops. I really haven't look at it in terms of "I want this much power so what build do I need," but rather in terms of "I want this build so how much power will I get."

It's coming time to decide which heads and cam to get. I want to buy one set of heads and be done with it. I intend for this engine to be a 393 with a blower so I was looking into AFR 225s. Will this be too much of a head for a N/A 393? Would something smaller like a 205 be more ideal? I really don't plan for the engine to exceed 6500 rpms since it's a street car. If all else fails, I have the stock heads that may or may not be cleaned up. Their condition is quite questionable.

As far as the cam goes, I don't want anything more than a .600 lift. I want a cam for the N/A 393 since it won't cost an arm and a leg to replace like the heads would be. I want the curve to remain very similar to the stock curve but allow more breathing, of course. I haven't done much research on cams yet so I'm clueless as to what would be available as good options.

Perhaps this is a half-baked plan for an engine build, but I came here looking for guidance and answers. ;)

Also, I saw someone on here with a sheet-metal box intake on their 351, and they said it easily cleared an R hood. I would like to get some more info on that because I really don't want to get another hood to clear the giant intakes.
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the 205 heads would be perfect. asfar as a cam call afr they will put you in touch with there custom cam guy he will ask all sorts of questions about your car. They can put your power band anywhere you want it with a custom cam.