tubular k install ?


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Nov 29, 1999
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Not how much, how many hours does it take a good.......very qualified mustang shop to install a new k member/coil over setup. Thanks.

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I realize you weren't looking for a price--though I shot Les a message to see what he'd charge.

I KNOW he is charging $125 for a gear install until the end of May so start getting your things ready ;) Not sure what others charge ( I drive an auto :() though I believe its around $200 for a clutch change.
A good shop that has experience doing them with one person doing the work should be able to knock it out in 4 hours plus the time for an alignment. I spent about 8-9 hours on mine including installing longtubes by myself in my garage taking my time, documenting it and taking pictures.

if you have a lift you can get it done in no time at all.all depends what ya got to work with.if you have a lift and an engine supposrt brace then id say prob 4-5 hrs.dropping everything else id say a full day plus the alignment but thats like 30-hr max.
I'm guessing any reputable shop will just charge you the hours that the book calls for to remove/install a K member and install springs; alignment would be additional time on top of that. You could just call around to local shops and ask, that way you'd know for sure, or you could do it yourself and become much more familiar with your car. BTW, if there was ever a time to go with longtubes it'd be at the same time as a K-member swap.
Bill, thanks for the info. Thats what I was thinking. Any suggestions on which one to go with?

I highly recommend PSI motorsports in clear lake off of nasa parkway and highway 6. They have done work on my car and they do very good work in a timely manner. They did my 4 bolt cc plates and full length subframes in 4 hours...

Also they wont bull**** you around like strictly performance is so famous for doing. If they say it will be done in one day then it will be done in one day...
I'm sure Mark (winters) will contact Pat and atleast get the quote. Surely, by now, they have a phone that can be answered or atleast heard from the shop :rlaugh:

281-557-2874 is the number I believe.